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His eye become cold and antagonistic. others, it regarded to say, may like archie moffam, however not he. daniel brewster was bristling for combat. what he had overheard had taken aback him to the middle of his being. the inn cosmopolis become his personal private, personal property, and the issue dearest to him in the international, after his daughter lucille. he prided himself at the fact that his resort become now not like different ny inns, which had been run by means of impersonal agencies and shareholders and boards of directors, and consequently lacked the paternal touch which made the cosmopolis what it become. at different lodges things went incorrect, and customers complained. on the cosmopolis matters in no way went incorrect, because he changed into instant to look that they failed to, and as a result customers by no means complained. yet here turned into this lengthy, skinny, string-bean of an englishman definitely registering annoyance and dissatisfaction earlier than his very eyes.
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